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Release Date : 2019-03-15

We welcome you to listen to Sangeet’s latest artistic creation, Fulfillment EP, displaying groove and march like characteristics that will bring the listener into a mental adventure surrounded with carefully thought-out arrangements. Both original mixes display elegant arpeggios, invoking a trance state of mind, at the same time transporting you to Persian like places, imaginatively created by the beautiful and enigmatic voices showcased in this EP.

By providing a balance to the easy digestible bright percussive elements sitting on the high frequency range of the spectrum, Sangeet was able to incorporate soft and rounded kicks; acting as strong platforms for his intelligent rhythmic proposals, and adding unique character to both original tracks.

The two track EP is accompanied by 3 amazing remixes of the title track from Chillheimer, Funkermonk and HAFT.

Submerge into the carefully curated itinerary of Fulfillment EP. It will invite you into a simple walk, but slowly and without notice, place you in a mystical but yet familiar environment.

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