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Release Date : 2019-02-25

Following up to Marius Drescher’s Latest EP ‘Hydra’. Dunkelheit has invited the likes of Matthias Schuell, Strinner, Ryan Dupree, and Modeplex to interpret the pieces with their distinct sound and style.
Matthias and Modeplex supply cosmic remixes of ‘Medusa’ and ‘Hydra’ that take you on a well balanced melodic journey that is followed up with congruent percussions and a heartfelt baseline.
Strinner and Ryan Dupree on the other hand, will enrapture you with their dynamic visions of ‘Hydra’. Both tracks pack a strong kick and a clever manipulation melodies. The remixes deliver a sound that is unique to both the artists and the label.
The EP consists of eloquent baselines and stirring melodies complemented by unique synths and percussions that will leave a mark

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