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Release Date : 2019-03-04

Another year has began, time is passing and changing, so are we. The only thing that won’t change its our routine. The music’s journey and the research of the natural things, our essences. It involves stepping out from our habitual roles, our conventional scripts, that improvise in a dancing path. That moment where we find ourself in our native context, in absence of mental illness. We want to welcome to our deep wood, the italian duo, Alessio and Marco, with the new project “Shamans”, delivering “Morphe”, two full driving techno-melodic tracks that show us their music concept, characterised by shades of house music with long arpeggios, low scratches alongside strong grooves and dynamic sounds. These main ingredients united with passion and professionalism are the union between these two guys, a great musical peculiarity that will transport you into other sensitive dimensions.

The first track “Morphe”, it’s the title to the EP, is the beginning of this intimate journey, a track that slowly brings you to a high level of deep consciousness, surrounded by dark soundscapes. The second track “Metal” blends elements of traditional techno with shades of cinematic moments that build an awesome tension, an incredible weapon ready for the dance floor.

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